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International Culture of Drink Days

Ever since Neolithic times, alcohol has played a central role in all human cultures. It's time we celebrate this. International Culture of Drink Days is our opportunity to embrace the common thread that ties the world together, through booze.

Drinking Matters


The 18 Rules of Drunken Golf

You're drunk. You have nothing to lose. And the marshal is giving you the stink eye... READ>

Dive Bars and You

...young Pabst-swilling posers think that drinking shitty beer is cool... READ>

A Toast to Prohibition

Moonshine, Bathtub Gin and other compact spirits were so terrible that bartenders started inventing ways to make it tolerable. They began to used fruit juices, soda pop and a variety of other mixers. Thus, the modern cocktail was born.

20 Bartenders Reveal What Your Drink Says About You

Consensus? Basically that anyone who orders a Jager bomb is an idiot. But apparently, so are people who order Blowjobs! READ>

The 86 Rules of Boozing

There's more to it than tipping a glass and acting foolish: Modern Drunkard Magazine presents 86 Rules to Drink by READ>


Booze News

Drunk Shopping

I just received a package from Amazon. Apparently, I got really loaded 5 to 7 days ago and drunk me decided to send sober me a gift. Can't wait to see what I got.

~ @dear_booze

With St. Patrick’s around the corner, some Americans may already worry about their spending habits ahead of the year’s biggest drinking extravaganza. Nearly half of American adults (46%) who drink alcohol regularly admit to making a purchase while under the influence — an estimated 68 million people, drawn from our study of 2,000 American adults. READ>

The Zecond Coming of Zima

Zima could be coming back zoon. MillerCoors is poised to reintroduce the 1990s-era clear malt beverage that was once advertised as "zomething different." READ>

True Tales of Booze

Last Dance at the Ranch

The place wasn’t exactly the way I remember leaving it. It looked like a Central American Cock Fighting ring and smelled like a well-used hockey glove. There were six empty Guinness bottles scattered about the floor, and two full ashtrays that had been spilled onto the furniture and floor. The carpet was soaked with a combination of ice, gin, rum and Guinness. And, an entire bag of kettle corn looked like it had been shot around the room from a confetti cannon...


"...But when I grabbed the unopened handle of Absolut, I stopped... 'This will come in handy later,' I said to myself as I turned on my emergency flashers..."

One Hundred Things I've Done While Drunk

Here they are, in no particular order...

Amtrak For Dummies

I took some advanced math in high school, and a little in college. I was never any Will Hunting, But I could figure out the area of a parabola.

Puke on the Paradise

We toasted, we drank and I felt mine coming right back up...

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