Dear Booze

Your drinking Companion

For the most part, life sucks. Alcohol is a gift. Let’s enjoy it together. 

Drinking Matters


Covering all matters of drinking, because drinking matters.

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Cocktales: True Tales of Drinking


A collection of drinking stories.

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International Culture of Drink Days


Ever since Neolithic times, alcohol has played a central role in all human cultures. It's time we celebrate this. International Culture of Drink Days is our opportunity to embrace the common thread that ties the world together, through booze.

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Bar Nerwork


If you want to find a good place to camp, ask a camper. If you want to find a good place to drink, ask a drinker. This map of great, and not-so-great, drinking establishments is perpetually created by  drinkers, for drinkers.

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Drink Links: The Best of the Web


The best drinking sites, podcasts, and chat boards.

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 I could be miss-reading the room here, but I  think this is the perfect time for Stallone to make “Over The Top 2 - Back on Top”  Screw all these super hero movies, we need to get back to the basics of trucking and arm wrestling

 A man who buys two cases of beer instead of one is either concerned about his future or a generous guy. Either way, ladies, he's a catch. 

 ME: "I'll have a rum & coke."

HIM: "I can't serve you."

ME: "Because I'm too drunk?"

HIM: "No. 'cause this is a hardware store." 

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